Warriors for Warriors 2024 PINKOUT T-Shirt Design Contest


1. Use ONLY the following colors in the design: Royal Blue, White and Pink.
2. Design must fit on the front center chest area of the t-shirt and can only occupy a space 11” wide by 10” tall.
3. The phrases “Warriors for Warriors” or “W4W” and “Nobody Fights Alone” MUST be incorporated in the design.
4. Any design submitted is subject to adjustment from the W4W committee or t-shirt company without consent of the artist.
5. All designs submitted become the sole property of W4W, and may be used at anytime without prior consent of artist.


Submit art by May 10, 2024!

The winning shirt designer will receive a Visa $50 gift card

Thank you for the interest in the T-Shirt contest, however the contest is now closed.


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